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Our hotels best features + nearby localities

Magneto Mall


Just 16 min away  from our hotel, a premier shopping destination located near Tulip Arena Hotel in Raipur! This modern and stylish mall offers an unparalleled shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts, tech-savvy individuals, and families alike.


Plot 338/31,Labhandi Signal,Chhattisgarh 492001

Just 2min walk from our hotel .Rebounce is a vibrant and energetic entertainment center located in Raipur, just a stone's throw away from Tulip Arena Hotel. This thrilling destination offers an array of engaging activities for visitors of all ages. 

Ram Mandir 

Pandri, Raipur,Chhattisgarh 492004

Just 12 min away  from our hotel, significant religious and cultural importance for the people of the city and beyond. Situated in a serene location, this beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Rama.

Marine Drive 

Katora Talab Main Rd, Civil Lines , Raipur,Chhattisgarh 

Just 9 min away  from our hotel. It is a captivating waterfront promenade that offers a delightful escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

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