Reasons why hotels charge exorbitantly high on some days

Reasons, why hotels charge exorbitantly high on some days one of the ways to pamper yourself during a holiday, is to book a luxurious accommodation. It rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit and most importantly – gives a break from the humdrum of daily life! If you’re holidaying abroad, a luxurious stay may burn a hole in your picket. So, we bring you some of the mistakes that you can avoid while booking your accommodation to save big.

Never book on days during conferences or events

The hotel prices are fixed taking into consideration, the room availability and customer demand. If you try to book your stay when the city or hotel is buzzing with popular events or conferences or weddings, you’re bound to be charged high. So, we recommend you to avoid booking your stay on popular days. A way out is that you could save yourself some bucks by booking it, in advance or you can use promo codes where applicable.

Choose your room category carefully

Room tariffs vary with the category of the rooms. A higher category of rooms have more amenities and are highly-priced. Standard rooms are less expensive than deluxe rooms, premium rooms, and suites. So, according to your budget, choose wisely.

Plan your trip on weekdays

Weekend stays are very costly as most people plan their holiday during weekends. Due to higher demand, it’s natural for prices to go high. So, weekday stays can reward you with better experiences and that too at comparatively lower prices.

Don’t go for hotels in a prime location

Hotels in prime locations that are closer to tourist attractions, restaurants and shops have higher accommodation costs than hotels located remotely. So, as per your convenience and budget – take your pick.

Say Yes to Off-season

If you want great hotel deals, we recommend you to plan your trip during the Off-season. Due to lesser demand compared to the peak season, you will be able to book your accommodation at lower prices and your wallet will surely thank you. So, if you’re flexible with the time of year, you can spend less and party more! What’s holding you back? Apply for your visa and set off on a wonderful journey.

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