Madhusudan Janghel– Tougher Than The Toughest

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The diverse adversities in life for most of the individuals are devastating impediments in the path for reaching out to the desired destination but a few brave heart ones take it as the fuel to keep the strength soaring every now and then to emerge stronger than ever before. Such is the life of an international level weightlifter Madhusudan Janghel who has happily chosen the path of thorns as the fragrance of blooming hope in his heart never fades away.

Madhusudhan Janghel

Madhusudan a native of Raipur, belongs to a financially underprivileged family. His father works as a bicycle mechanic whose hassle for the daily bread induces the core of his strength. His brother Durga Prasad Janghel has also been a weightlifter that drew Madhusudan’s inclination towards weightlifting since he was just 14. The children of his age back then were living playfully when he was sweating with the dumbbells focusing on honing his technical skills to lift heavier weights under the guidance of his brother. He continued to develop himself into a technically sound sportsperson for the next 3 years.

As the time went by he was well built & keenly prepared to participate in thecham national level weightlifting championship held in Manipur in 2007 which he prevailed in, with Gold Medal.Then started the series of his dominance in the national level weightlifting circle, which included 2008 school national silver medal, 2009 Sub-junior gold medal and 2009 school national bronze medal.

He has also attended a number of national camps in which the camp in Bengaluru was the most significant one that led him to the national trials and eventually International Youth Championship held in Uzbekistan in the year 2010, where he stood 4th. For this international championship he spent all his savings to meet the prerequisites such as passport & other documentation, that he was making penny by penny since his earliest childhood.

Having enormous potential for the international level championships, he lacked the financial support that kept him confined. Later on he could not much manage the diet and exercise for the tough sport. Now at the age of 28, along with his menial private job to support his family, his will is still indomitable which helps him participate in the regional & state level championships to dig for opportunities to notch up in the weightlifting fraternity again,

His life journey is nothing but synonymous to the struggle for proving his potential to the world all the while. Keeping the hope alive despite the hammerings of the unfortunate events, reflects that he not only is physically strong but also tougher than the toughest in the core of his very being.

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