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If you happen to anywhere in Central India, do take a detour from your set itinerary to make a quick trip to Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. Erstwhile the capital of a powerful empire, Raipur lost its preeminence with the usurpation of the kingdom. Nevertheless, the beautiful city revived its reputation after it was renamed as the capital city of India’s newfound state, Chhattisgarh. Today, Raipur stands as a treasure trove of its imperial past, with its forts, palaces, museums and temples. Raipur also holds distinction of India’s upcoming industrial town and trade center that overflows with options for shopaholics. From drool-worthy wooden and bamboo crafts to exquisite wrought iron wares to stone and terracotta items, Raipur truly tots up as a veritable haven for the shoppers. Flecked with several roadside stalls, flea markets and amazing bazaars, a shopping trip in Raipur can be quite a fascinating experience. Agreed, the city may not have plush malls and designer boutiques to flaunt, but that doesn’t minimize the delight of shopping in the humble stores here. Trail the article to know the shopping places in Raipur and indulge in its local delights.


 If you plan to take back art and antiques, then raiding the several handicrafts and handloom shops in Raipur would leave you with a bagful of amazing handcrafted goodies. When in Raipur, you simply cannot return without buying Dhruva Sari made in the local looms, which are the biggest USP of this region. Hitting the various handloom stores will give you a slice of the local culture. Honed and perfected over generations, the handlooms in Raipur are truly priceless inclusion to your wardrobe. Barlota Enterprises and 


 Raipur may not be the shopping hub for the glitterati, but it definitely holds certain distinction with art and craft aficionados. Chhattisgarh is best known for its dark metal figurines and artifacts, crafted out of recycled scrap iron. From toy animals to figurines of deities to effigies of musicians, you will find an amazing array of wrought iron stuff here that would leave you speechless. Apart from wrought iron, you find an amazing assortment of bamboo articles, fiber dolls, woodcrafts, terracotta pots, bowls, lamps, bell metal sculptures and more. Shabari Chhattisgarh State Emporium and Bastaria are some of the best places to shop for these handcrafted object d’arts.Togita Kosa Handloom are some of the best places to shop for handlooms here.


 The colorful textile of Chhattisgarh is another USP of the place. Although you will find many local handloom shops here, several other textile shops would give you a wide variety of option on both traditional and contemporary wear. If at all you would like to shop for local clothes in Raipur, then head out to Vama, which sells amazing lehenga-cholis. Other places to shop for clothes are Padmavati Textiles, Gautam Textiles, Satguru Textiles, Bombay Textiles and Basant Textiles Agency.

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