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Success stories of people of raipur

Shakeel Rizvi

His birth and education have been completed from Konda gaon where he graduated in MA sociology. he worked in numerous small jobs which led him to GODREJ in the mechanical division which was not giving him a mental satisfaction. After which he went to Eureka forbs as a manager, sadly the same thing happened and he came back as he felt he was meant for something else. So after all this, he came back to his Roots which was in social service a part of that was also his father for which his heart said to follow that league.

He got a project from Chattisgarh help group which involve him going to all kind of rural places helping them with funding, skill developing and stuff. After the project was finished he decided to live nearby place called chote kavali where he just felt home. He stays in a small room which was 3 km away from a spot where foreigners used to come to visit the tribal market for a day. He used to interact with them and once he asked them if they are satisfied with there just 1 day visit for which he got reply like No they were not but they were not getting any facility to stay so they were out of choice, they really wanted to enjoy the ritual get to know about there festivals and everything but there was lack of provision. That inspired him to invite them to his own place so they can homestay and get to know it a little better. But he did get just one drawback and that was the hygiene problem as it was a remote place and it was not completely developed the place was small and was filled with animals he knew it had to be taken care of or else it would create a major hole in his plan.

Shakeel Rizvi
Shakeel Rizvi

He was clueless when it came to promoting as the access to the internet was still not strong but to his luck one of his visitor from Israel promise to help him by creating a mail and getting him more visitors which actually was helpful as a lady from France who was a tour operator got in contact with him and asked him to link with her commercial Site which led to getting him a good number of tourist. On first mostly Backpackers used to stay but as the flow went by the counting of more than 400 tourists came visiting. his Homestay went so well that he had to contact nearby villages to let them stay and make money by getting rents. Now he has 7 Homestays with rooms for all the guest and still developing with extending the rooms and making it more comfortable for his guest to stay. The guests are served all local food and wine which make there stay more memorable.

Later he got to get in hold with the people of Explore Bastar which help him with attracting tourists for tracking and adventure stuff as he used to send the interested travelers to them and used to get backpackers who wanted to enjoy their experience in Village. It got more Appreciation when 2 Ladies who were also a tour operator came for the link up. he is also expecting operator from Australia who wants to offer a 4 batch yearly plan in which they will be visiting for agriculture for the festival like Dusheera and Diwali and in summer.

The future plan for him and his homestay plans are making this bastar stay more advanced and comfortable for people around the world as well as make the living of villagers and earning them a good fortune.

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